Mass Embedder: How To Embed Videos

The PornX theme comes with a premium, ready-to-install Mass Embedder plugin. This plugin can access and embed videos from 30 different tube sites, including heavy hitters such as XVideos, Pornhub, xHamster, YouPorn, and Redtube. Each porn website offers thousands of videos, organized into categories for you to choose from.

Follow the steps below, and your tube site’s content gallery will skyrocket.

Step 1

Navigate to your website and log in with your admin account. The Login option is located in the top right corner of your website.

PornX Login

Note: You can find your admin login details in one of the support tickets in the Vicetemple client area. If you’re not sure where to find them, feel free to send us a message over live chat.

When you log in, hover over your website’s name in the top left corner of the admin toolbar, and click Theme Dashboard when the menu appears.

PornX Theme Dashboard

Step 2

Locate the Vicetemple Mass Embedder card further down the page and click Install.

PornX ThemeDashboard - Plugins

Wait for the installation to complete. Once the plugin is installed, navigate to the card again and click the Activate button, which will direct you to the Plugins page.

Mass Embedder - Activate Button

When the page loads, locate the Vicetemple Mass Embedder row and click Activate.

WordPress Plugins

The plugin is now accessible as Mass Embedder under Theme Dashboard.

PornX Theme Dashboard

Step 3

Choose a tube site under Select a partner.

Mass Embedder - Select A Partner

Step 4

Select a category under Choose a category. Some tube sites will also allow you to search for videos by using keywords.

Mass Embedder - Choose A Category

Step 5

Set the number of videos you want to retrieve from the tube site and click Search videos. If you had embedded videos before, the search will not display the already embedded videos.

Mass Embedder - Search For Videos

Step 6

Tick the checkboxes above the videos you want to embed, and set the category for them on your website.

PornX Mass Embedder

The category drop-down will display a list of existing categories on your website.

PornX Mass Embedder

If you wish to feature the videos under a different category, you will need to create it. To do so, click the New category button, type in the new category’s name, and click Add.

Mass Embedder - New Category

Once you’ve chosen the videos you want and have set a category for them, click the Import videos button, and the videos will be added to your site.

Mass Embedder Import Videos

Step 7

You will need to publish the embedded videos for your visitors to be able to see them.

Navigate to the Drafts tab on the Videos page in the admin area, and tick the checkboxes next to the videos you want to display in the user area.

PornX Admin Area - Videos

Then, click the Bulk actions drop-down at the top or bottom of the page.

Mass Embedder Bulk Actions

Finally, select Approve and click the Apply button.

Mass Embedder Bulk Actions

Optional Steps

Filter Partners

If you want to see fewer partners during Step 2, you can filter them based on preferences such as Language, Mobile readiness, Sexual orientation, Secure connection, Thumbnail rotation, and Trailer by clicking the Filter partners button.

Mass Embedder Filter Partners

Edit Video Information

Before adding a video to your website, you may change any or all of its accompanying information, including the title, pornstars, tags, and description. You can do this for each individual video displayed in Step 5, by clicking the pen icon above its thumbnail.

Mass Embedder - Edit Video Information

A Video Information window will open, letting you make your desired changes. Once you are done, click Save changes. You may repeat the process for each video you wish to embed. When you are satisfied with the new video information, continue to Step 5, described above.

Mass Embedder - Video Information

What’s the Difference Between the Mass Grabber and Mass Embedder Plugins?

The Mass Grabber plugin uses the same video retrieval process that the Mass Embedder does. The key difference lies in the location of the videos.

Videos retrieved via the Single Embedder and Mass Embedder plugins will be hosted on their source websites and import their video players and advertisements. We recommend this method if you are low on storage space.

Videos retrieved via the Mass Grabber plugin will be hosted on your website, allowing you to show them using the Victemple Video Player, and control their advertisements. We recommend this method if you wish to use your own player and ads.