How To Withdraw Affiliate Earnings

As an affiliate, you’ll be able to withdraw your funds after accumulating at least $100 on your account balance, by following the process below.

If you aren’t an affiliate but would like to become one, this page has all the information you’ll require.

To withdraw your funds, follow the simple process below.

First, log into the Vicetemple client area.

Vicetemple Affiliate - 07 Vicetemple Login Page

Click on Affiliates.

Withdraw Affiliate Earnings On Vicetemple

On the Affiliates page, click on Request Withdrawal.

Withdraw Affiliate Earnings (2)

Requesting a withdrawal will generate a support ticket, which will automatically be assigned to our finance department, who will proceed to check it as soon as possible.

Next, they will reach out to you to ask about your payment details and preferred payment method. After providing the details they requested, you can expect to receive the payment within a week.