Vicetemple Video Player: How To Update And Customize The Plugin

The PornX theme comes with a premium, ready-to-install video player. The Vicetemple Video Player plugin will allow you to add your logo to videos, configure autoplay, and set up video advertisements at the start and during playback.

Follow the steps below to establish your brand across all the videos on your website.

Navigate to your website and log in with your admin account. The Login option is located in the top right corner of your website.

PornX Login

Note: You can find your admin login details in one of the support tickets in the Vicetemple client area. If you’re not sure where to find them, feel free to send us a message over live chat.

When you log in, hover over your website’s name in the top left corner of the admin toolbar, and click Theme Dashboard when the menu appears.

Auto Import - 05 Theme Dashboard

Next, locate the Vicetemple Video Player card further down the page and click Install.

Vicetemple Player - 02 Dashboard Install

Wait for the installation to complete. Once the plugin is installed, navigate to the card again. Click the Activate button, which will direct you to the Plugins page.

Vicetemple Player - 03 Dashboard Activate

When the page loads, locate the Vicetemple Video Player row and click Activate.

Vicetemple Player - 04 Plugins Activate

You can now access the plugin’s settings by clicking on Vicetemple Player under Theme Dashboard.

Vicetemple Player - 05 Dashboard Video Player

Note: Once activated, the Vicetemple Video Player will replace the WordPress default player for all videos. However, that change does not affect embedded videos from other porn sites.

Player Customization

Responsive Layout

The Vicetemple Video Player is responsive by default, meaning that it will adapt to resolutions and devices that are displaying it. However, if you are experiencing issues with specific devices or screen dimensions, you can force the responsive layout by navigating to the General tab of the plugin’s settings.

Simply selecting Yes for the Force responsive layout option under the General tab will ensure that the video player is fully responsive for all viewers.

Vicetemple Player - 15 Responsive

Player Text

Entering text into the Loading video text field will have your website show that text before the video loads.

PornX - Vicetemple Video Player

The Close and Play button text field, in turn, customizes the button text shown when the video is paused.

PornX - Vicetemple Video Player


By toggling the Autoplay switch, your videos will automatically play as soon as they load.

Vicetemple Player - 08 Autoplay

Note: Some desktop and mobile browsers disable autoplay by default. Therefore, videos may not automatically play for all viewers.

Website Logo

The Vicetemple Video Player plugin allows you to add your website’s logo that will be shown in each video’s corner, including embedded players, and to customize its size, colors and opacity.

Vicetemple Player - 14 Logo

Simply toggle the Show logo switch, and the logo you have uploaded under Site Identity will be displayed to your viewers.

Vicetemple Player - 09 Show Logo

If you’re not sure where and how to upload the logo, check our guide on how to update your website’s identity.

The Logo position option lets you decide the corner in which the logo will be displayed.

Vicetemple Player - 10 Logo Position

Logo width controls the logo’s dimensions in the video’s corner. At 100%, the logo will take up 100 pixels in width.

Vicetemple Player - 11 Logo Width

Logo opacity will affect the logo’s visibility in the player’s corner. The lower the opacity, the more see-through your logo will be.

Vicetemple Player - 12 Logo Opacity

The Logo grayscale option lets you choose whether your logo will be displayed using the full color spectrum or only grayscale colors. Enable the option for grayscale, and disable it for full color.

Vicetemple Player - 13 Logo Grayscale

Note: Grayscale colors include black, white, and all the shades in between. Visit this article if you’d like to find out more about grayscale colors.

Tip: Displaying your website’s logo in the video player’s top right corner will help you establish your brand and make it more recognizable.

Video Advertisements

To set advertisements that will be shown when videos are played on your website, select the Advertising tab in the video player’s settings.

Vicetemple Player - 16 Advertising Tab

Ads on Playback

If you want to play the same video advertisement at the start of each video on your website, paste a direct URL leading to the advertisement into the Video ads on playback field.

Vicetemple Player - 17 On Playback

If you want to add several different advertisements that will be played at random each time a video starts, click the box below link under the Video ads on playback field.

Vicetemple Player - 18 Box Below

Once the text is clicked, a new section will slide out at the bottom of the page. Scroll down to it, paste your advertisement video URLs into the left box, and click Save the list.

Vicetemple Player - 19 Multiple URLs

Note: Make sure to add only one URL per line, or the player will not display the advertisements correctly. The player supports only mp4 files for the time being.

You can also set how long it takes for your displayed ads to become skippable. Simply enter a number into the Playback ads can be skipped after field. That value is the number of seconds after which the Skip button will appear.

Vicetemple Player - 20 Playback Ad Skip

Ads During Playback

In addition to playing ads at the start of each video, you can also play advertisements at a certain timestamp during playback.

You may use this feature in one of two ways.

First, you can show the same video advertisement on all of your website’s videos. To activate that feature, paste a URL into the Video ads mid playback field.

Alternatively, you can randomly show one of several video advertisements. To do so, click the box below link under the abovementioned field.

Vicetemple Player - 21 Mid Playback

Once the text is clicked, a new section will slide out at the bottom of the page. Scroll down to it, paste your advertisement video URLs into the right box, and click Save the list.

Vicetemple Player - 22 Multiple URLs

Just like for the previous ad type, you can set how long it takes for these ads to become skippable. Once more, simply enter a number into the Mid-playback ads can be skipped after field. That value is the number of seconds after which the Skip button will appear.

Vicetemple Player - 23 Mid-playback Ad Skip

Mid-playback advertisements have an extra setting that allows you to specify when to display them. You can change this setting in the Mid-playback ad’s timestamp field. The timestamp is expressed in percentages, as duration varies from video to video.

For example, if a viewer is watching a 4-minute long video and you’ve set the timestamp to 50%, the viewer will see the advertisement at the 2-minute mark.

Vicetemple Player - 24 Mid-playback Timestamp

Additional Settings

The video player features additional settings, which can be found under the Transformer tab. These include extended WordPress support, Redtube integration, and proxy settings.

Vicetemple Player - 30 Transformer Tab


The built-in WordPress player will play all <video> tags and WordPress video shortcodes by default. If you have such tags and shortcodes on your website and wish to play them through the Vicetemple Video Player, enable the HTML tags option.

Vicetemple Player - 25 HTML Tags

Redtube Integration

When you embed a video from another porn site, that video will almost always have to be streamed via that porn site’s video player. Redtube is one of the few exceptions to this rule.

If you have embedded videos from Redtube and wish to use the Vicetemple Video Player instead of the Redtube player, enable the Redtube option.

Vicetemple Player - 26 Redtube

While the option is enabled, any videos you embed from Redtube will be streamed through the Vicetemple Video Player.

Proxy Connection

If any regional restrictions are in place at your present location, you can go around them by using a proxy. Once you find a proxy that you want to use, all you have to do is paste its IP address and port number into the IP Address and Port fields.

Vicetemple Player - 27 Proxy

If you’re using a private proxy and authentication is required, enter the relevant username and password into the Username and Password fields.

Vicetemple Player - 28 Proxy Authentication

Finally, once you’ve finished configuring the plugin, click the Save changes button in the top right corner to apply the changes.

Vicetemple Player - 29 Save Changes