How To Change Your Domain Nameservers

The exact process for changing your domain nameservers will depend on where you bought the domain. If you got your domain from Vicetemple, the text below has you covered. However, if you purchased your domain from another provider, you’ll want to scroll down and consult one of the guides below.

How to Change Your Vicetemple Domain Nameservers

To update your nameservers on a Vicetemple domain, log into our client area. Enter your email and password, solve the I’m not a robot captcha, and press Login.

How To Set Up CloudFlare - 08 Vicetemple Login Page

When you log in, click on Domains in the main menu and select the My Domains option from the drop-down list.

How To Set Up CloudFlare - 09 Vicetemple Client Landing Page

In the domains table, click on the arrow icon next to the domain whose nameservers you’d like to update.

How To Set Up CloudFlare - 10 Vicetemple Domain Page

The arrow will open a drop-down list, where you should choose Manage Nameservers.

How To Set Up CloudFlare - 11 Vicetemple Domain Manage Nameservers

Next, select the Use custom nameservers (enter below) option.

How To Set Up CloudFlare - 12 Vicetemple Nameservers

Paste your new nameservers in the fields below.

How To Set Up CloudFlare - 13 Vicetemple Nameservers Filled

Then, click the Change Nameservers button to start using your new nameservers.

How To Set Up CloudFlare - 14 Vicetemple Nameservers Confirm

After updating the nameservers, you may need to wait up to 24 hours for the changes to go live. In the meantime, you can check whether or not your nameservers were updated by using, as explained below.

How To Change Domain Nameservers on Third-Party Domain Registrars

If you purchased your domain name from a different registrar, you’ll need to update the domain nameservers with your domain registrar account. For more information on configuring nameservers with third-party registrars, please check the following guides:

In case you need further assistance, please contact your domain registrar.

Check the Nameservers on

If you want, you can check your nameservers by using, a free domain lookup tool.

Simply visit their website at, type out your domain name into the search bar, and click the magnifying glass icon or press Enter.

How To Set Up CloudFlare - 15 Who.Is Page

On the results page, scroll down to the Name Servers section and check which nameservers are shown for your website. If the listed nameservers correspond with the nameservers you entered during setup, you’ve updated them successfully.

How To Set Up CloudFlare - 16 Who.Is Nameservers

The directory will update immediately, whether your changes are visible elsewhere or not.