All you need to know about your hosting service
Why Was My Website Compromised?
Was your website compromised? Check this quick guide to learn what may have caused your security issues so that you can avoid them in the future.
How To Check Your Credit Balance
Vicetemple lets you add funds to your account, which can automatically be used to cover future invoices. Learn how to check your current credit balance here.
How To Reset My Server
Do you require help resetting your Vicetemple server? This guide will cover the whole process in a handful of easy-to-follow steps.
How To Reboot My Server
If you’re unsure how to reboot your Vicetemple server, our guide will walk you through the process in a quick and simple manner.
Vicetemple's Data Center Locations
Vicetemple offers servers in Europe and North America. Find out more about our data center locations here.
What Is My Server IP Address?
Do you need help identifying your server’s IP address? Learn how to find your Vicetemple IP whenever you need it.
How To Change cPanel Credentials
Learn all the ways to reset your cPanel password and ensure your website’s security with our detailed guide on changing cPanel credentials.
What Are Vicetemple’s Nameservers?
Do you want to use your current domain with one of our hosting plans, or do you just need info about Vicetemple’s nameservers? You’ll find it all here.
How To Change Your Domain Nameservers
If you’re migrating your adult website, you will need to update your domain nameservers. Read our guide for more information.
How To Set Up Cloudflare
Cloudflare speeds up your website, protects it from DDoS attacks and ensures your domain security. Learn how to set it up here.
How To Order A New Domain From Vicetemple
Looking for help with registering your new adult domain with Vicetemple? Here you’ll find everything you need.
How Long Does It Take To Activate A Domain Name
Most domains become active within 24 hours, but some may take up to 72 hours. Learn more about what can delay domain activation.
How To Increase The PHP Max Upload Size Via FTP
Without custom settings, the maximum file upload size on your PornX website is 1 GB. Follow this guide to increase that limit by using FTP.
How To Increase The PHP Max Upload Size In Plesk
This guide will teach you how to increase the maximum upload size for your PornX website using the Plesk control panel.
How To Increase The PHP Max Upload Size In Hestia
The maximum file size for PornX websites is 1 GB, but you can use Hestia to increase the upload limit for your website.
How To Increase The PHP Max Upload Size In aaPanel
This guide will show you how to increase the maximum file upload size limit from the default 1 GB on your PornX website.
How To Increase The PHP Max Upload Size In cPanel
On PornX, the maximum file upload size is set to 1 GB by default. Follow this guide to increase that number in cPanel.
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