What Is My Server IP Address?

When you purchase hosting from Vicetemple, you receive an IP address. This article will cover the three different places where you can find that address, including:

  • Your welcome email
  • Your Vicetemple account
  • Your cPanel account

Welcome Email

After purchasing Vicetemple’s services, you will get a welcome email with all the necessary information, including your server’s IP address.

If you can’t find your welcome email, please contact us, and we will help you find the relevant information or resend the email to your preferred address.

Vicetemple Account

Navigate to our client area, enter your email and password, solve the CAPTCHA, and press Login.
Server IP Address - 01 Vicetemple Login Page

Then, click on Services at the top, and after that, select My Services.

Server IP Address - 02 Vicetemple Services

The Main IP addresses for all of your active subscriptions will be displayed.

Server IP Address - 03 Products And Services


Navigate to cPanel using the link provided via email or through your Vicetemple account, enter your email and password, and click Login.

Server IP Address - 04 cPanel Login

You will find your Dedicated IP Address on the right side of the page.

cPanel Dedicated IP Address

That’s all there is to locating your server’s IP address. If you still require help, feel free to contact us via support tickets or live chat.